Understanding mental disorders

Testing plays an important role in the further explanation of these conditions with this variety of symptoms and contributing factors.

Learning & Training 

Education is about acquiring knowledge of students about reality, things, morals, views, basic ideas, ideals, etc. On the other hand, rather than just learning about something, education is a way to develop skills. Education is based on practical application, requiring practical experience, or helping people to implement a new program, develop a particular skill, or further their potential in something.

Education and training may take place in a wide range of fields and many different settings, such as schools and labs for expertise. In a safe and controlled environment, theory can be put into practice.


Understanding human nature by connecting the elements Because dreams always come in the form of symbols, Brian’s dream of losing the car was only a reflection of his fear of losing his status. In other words, the vision meant Brian was worried about losing his rank and reputation! (See what your dream means).

Because the subconscious mind thinks using symbols and because logic is to some extent ignored during its operation, the mind of Brian forced him to develop that obsessive-compulsive disorder because he was so concerned about the threat of losing his status.

In other words, Brian developed the disorder because he was too afraid to lose his status and checking if the car was locked or not reflected his fear of losing his car if he became poor.

This is how human behavior can be interpreted in trying to understand human behavior, by analyzing all the objects in the process, never investigate a single item.

If a woman is scared of cats then you should try to look at other aspects of her life instead of automatically thinking that traumatic experience with cats happened to her when she was young.

Could this cat’s fear to represent her other women’s terror?

Will her low self-esteem render her exposed in her subconscious mind to the presence of other people symbolized in the form of cats?

Of course, I’m not telling you to research the previous examples by saying that every person who has such a condition is afraid to lose his rank or that every woman who is scared of cats has low self-esteem, but instead, I’m asking you to look deeper and understand the human actions better.


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