How To Stop Procrastination And Take Action Immediately

Procrastination is one of the things that prevent people from making decisions and taking actions now. You are probably guilty of putting your decisions off. This is not good because it does not get you any closer to your goals or aspirations.

If you want to be rich and live comfortably, you should start taking actions now because you may no longer have time to work as hard in the future when you are older and physically weaker. If you want to have a harmonious relationship with your partner, you should start making amends now to improve your relationship as soon as possible.

To stop procrastinating and start moving forward, here are some things that you need to do.

Identify the causes of procrastination

Aside from being lazy, procrastination can also have deeper underlying causes. Fear and anxiety can keep you from making a decision. When you are afraid of the possible outcome that your decision can bring, procrastinating provides you temporary relief. Another cause is confusion. You may not have any idea what to do that leads you to indecision and procrastination. Perfectionism can also be a cause of procrastination. If you want everything to be absolutely perfect before you make the decision, you will surely take a long time before you take the first step. You need to address the root cause of your indecision and what prevents you from taking action.

Just take the first step

The first step is always the most difficult part of any decision making process. For example, if you already bought a house but you have not yet decided when to move, you should just take the first step that will motivate you to see your decision through. You can start packing or communicating with your children’s school about transferring them to another school or contacting your utility providers about canceling your services. By taking the first step, the next steps will be so much easier to do.

People sometimes procrastinate because they are disorganized. The actions that they need to take are all muddled up in their mind which prevents them from making any decision. You should consider writing down the things that you need to do that will keep you focused. You can do this for your daily tasks or long term goals.

Create deadlines

Procrastinators also have an unclear idea about time or their schedule. They think that there is always tomorrow for all the things that they need to do. You can stop procrastinating by setting deadlines for your decisions. If you are planning to do general cleaning at home but you have not started anything yet, you should set a deadline or a schedule for your tasks. For example, you can schedule your cleanup on a weekend and allot an hour for each room. This way, you will know how near or far you are from achieving your goal.


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