Essential oil blends

The following Essential Oil Blends were created to scent an 8-ounce batch of body oil or body butter. Follow any specific instructions for the recipe you are making, as some of the recipes ask you to halve or double these blends. The Essential Oil Blends are designed, for your convenience, to be dropped directly into the recipe when called for, rather than having to pre-mix them ahead of time. If you want to mix a larger quantity to have on hand, do so in a dark-colored glass bottle with a dropper top for safe and accurate dispensing.

Most health food stores have a section of essential oils and they can easily be found online. Essential oils have varying shelf lives depending on the plant material. Generally essential oils have a shelf life of about a year, and citrus essential oils have a shorter, 6-month shelf life. Patchouli and sandalwood essential oils actually improve with age. Essential oils can be stored in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life, but warm to room temperature before using them in a blend or recipe.

Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. These phytochemicals are extracted by steam distilling or cold-pressing large amounts of plant material to extract its aromatic essence. Less is more with essential oils, as it can take up to several pounds to create just one ounce of essential oil, so even a single drop is quite potent. As highly concentrated substances, they should be handled with care. Keep their lids on tightly or they will evaporate quickly and lose potency. Follow any usage and safety guidelines on the label.
Do not use them undiluted on your skin, keep away from mucus membranes, and do not get them in your eyes. Wipe up any spills immediately and keep them away from pets and children. If you do get undiluted essential oil on your skin, apply a little olive oil to the area and wipe off. If you develop any irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor if necessary. Pregnant women should consult their doctor about what is safe for their individual needs.

Sweet Citrus: 8 drops chamomile, 24 drops lemon, 34 drops sweet orange, 20 drops lime

Sunny Day: 10 drops chamomile, 32 drops sweet orange, 20 drops lemon, 18 drops lavender

Herby Herb: 18 drops rosemary, 30 drops lavender, 16 drops tea tree, 18 drops peppermint

Pretty Flowers: 30 drops sweet orange, 30 drops rose geranium, 20 drops ylang-ylang

Hippie Love: 24 drops patchouli, 24 drops lavender, 30 drops sweet orange

Herbal Luxe: 20 drops rosemary, 10 drops cardamom, 10 drops patchouli, 30 drops lemon

Freshness: 28 drops peppermint, 20 drops eucalyptus, 30 drops lemon

Lavender Lovely: 90 drops lavender

Minty: 45 drops spearmint, 30 drops peppermint


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