Meaning of critical thinking

In Sweden, there was a case wherein two girls was arrested at one of their grandmother’s homes after they robbed a store and made away with about $400. The reason why they got arrested is this: they took a selfie, which the police used to track them.

In England, two men in their 20s used Facebook to start a riot and were sentenced to four years in detention. The arrest has been made easy thanks to their Facebook profiles and easy reference to their post.

You may think that the first lesson that they learned in prison is that they should have not given in to the temptation of using social media right after they did something wrong. However, you would be surprised at how people tend to make the most stupid decisions.

Some people commit felony just for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Apart from that, there are crimes of passion just because people’s minds get clouded by their emotions.

There are also people who tend to think that just because they thought that something works, then that should go the same for everybody. There was this cult in Atlanta that believed that staring at the sun would provide clarity to the mind, to which ophthalmologists would disagree.

There’s also that one fellow that you might know that would tell you to eat something disgusting and not doctor-prescribed to make an ailment go away. To which you would probably think that it is impossible to ingest something dirty and get rid of sickness.

And then there are people who easily miscalculate consequences because they want to make decisions hastily, only to jeopardize their convenience and their resources in the end. What are they lacking? Critical thinking, of course.


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