Effective Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair From Holi

#1. Get Up With Fresh Mood
All you need is to sleep early a day before and have a good night sleep. Have a glass full of water. Start your day with the proper hydration. You need minimum 8 hours of sleep to make your mind fully energized in playing the holi.

#2. Have a Heavy Breakfast
One should have a heavy breakfast that contains a good amount of carbohydrates and proteins. Because this helps you performing various active tasks and a heavy breakfast will last long for 3 to 4 hours.

#3. Apply a good oil
You can prefer almond oil as it has good pros for skin. Massage your body with oil, also apply the same to the face and hair so as to avoid getting colors into skin pores also this makes easy to wash the color later.

#4 Nails preparation
Nails should be oily so as it helps to remove internal color after playing.

#5 Wear a Good Outfit
Wear a cool dress not the one that is too old, Because it makes an impression of the person and a good shoes.

#6. Wear a Sun glasses
This helps to avoid getting direct lights or colors or filled water into eyes, Also gives you a classy look.

#7. Don’t Stay in wet clothes for a long
At the end its your health so play wisely and get fully out of it Instead suffering from cold and fever on the next morning.

#8. Use Petroleum jelly for your lips
This is very important out of it, this helps to remove any color easily from your lips.

So, follow these tips to save yourself from Holi colors around. With these tips, get ready to enjoy this Holi with a complete festive spirit! And protect your skin and hair at the fullest.



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