The Emotional Power of Human Beings

You also have the power to do the following: 

● Influence your feelings by controlling your thought process, and this, of course, is one way of embracing critical thinking 

● Influence your attitude, so that by the end of the day you have a positive world outlook. With a positive attitude, you can make judgment without prejudice, and give room for critical thinking.  

● Influence your thought process so that you are able to direct your actions accordingly, and you get your anticipated results. Practically speaking, engaging in critical thinking keeps you away from stress, because at every juncture you feel you are in control of what is happening. In fact, you can fall into depression by the mere feeling that you have lost control of what is happening in your life.  

● Effectively, therefore, critical thinking is not just great for success, but it is also great for your welfare. 

The question that then begs to be answered is if there is actually room for you to ever behave or act instantaneously. And the answer is in the affirmative. It is very normal, as a human being, to develop feelings, even when you have not given much thought as to how you are about to feel.

Nonetheless, after studying the benefits of critical thinking, you would be expected to halt and say, “I know what feelings influence my thought process negatively and which ones have a positive influence. And so I’m choosing to influence my thought process in a way that will be fruitful, rather than allowing my feelings to run amok.” 

Once you are informed the way you are after reading this book, you are able to quickly dissuade yourself from acting out of raw emotions. What you often find yourself doing, and which brings harmony and success to your life, is moderating your emotions, and this you do by actively engaging in critical thinking. 

Can you now say you know something worthwhile about critical thinking? All right … however, there is a simple assessment you can do, to see if you have truly mastered the necessary skills to make you successfully undertake critical thinking. 


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