The Danger of the ‘Fix It and Forget It’ methodology to drawback determination

Society nowadays is each blessed and sullied with the knowledge that’s out there on the net. we have a tendency to all undergo our days, and want one thing that we don’t recognize, we have a tendency to consult the net, fix the matter, and locomote.

There is virtually a robotic movement that’s happening here, and it’s one that doesn’t aid within the realm of vital thinking. We have a tendency to surf the answer on the web, then we have a tendency to shut our pc and persist with our day… there’s no lesson learned, and zip that may be applied to a different state of affairs.

Of course, tons of individuals argue that there’s nothing wrong with this. That we are going to forever have the web with U.S.A., and there’s no got to worry concerning truly learning the strategy as a result of we are going to forever be able to simply look it up.

You are visaged with choices all day long, and while not the mandatory skills to resolve them, however area unit you getting to progress in life?

For example: you’ll be able to research on the web a way to create a cake. a way to drive a automobile. Even a way to build a automobile. once it involves things like that, you’re set.

But you can’t raise the web if you must apply for that job that’s within the next city. Or if you must invest in your friend’s business plan. Or however getting to apologize to your spouse after you feel that you simply are the one within the right.

These area unit real-life issues, and that they area unit things that Google can ne’er apprehend the solution to, albeit you were to raise thousand times. This can be why you would like to develop your own problem-solving skills, that is essentially sourced in vital thinking.

Don’t simply inspect a haul or call you have got to repair. Analyze It.

When you area unit visaged with a call, whether or not it’s a haul that you simply got to fix or a call which will higher your life, you would like to raise yourself what you’d do. Only too typically, once things like these arise, we have a tendency to run to our friends and family to raise them what they’d neutralize that state of affairs.


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