Supercharge Your Thinking with Mental Models

To this point, you should be convinced that what you think is actually what you become. If you choose to think about your bad situation right now, chances are that you will remain in a cycle where you always struggle to solve your problems. On the contrary, if you developed the right mindset that you always solve your problems easily, then you will have the ability to solve these problems. It all depends on how you think. Mental models can help you enhance your thinking. Accordingly, this will also have a positive impact on your life and relationships.

So, how should you apply mental models to transform your life and improve your relations with those around you?

Regret Minimization Framework

Regret minimization framework is attributed to Jeff Bezos. With the help of this mental model, you can change how you think. When looking at any situation that you are currently facing, you should imagine yourself in the future after making a decision relating to your problem. Consider whether you will regret making the decision after a specified number of years. If you feel that you will regret not making a decision, then you should do that which you believe will make you happy. Of course, if you would regret not doing something in the near future, then it implies that what you choose to forego will likely make you happy.

Applying this principle to your relationships, think about how you relate with other people. In business, for example, you should reflect on whether or not you will be successful in the future if you took up the opportunity and partnered with a certain individual. You might not be as successful as you anticipated, but if the experience is worth your time, you should not hesitate to join forces.

The same framework can be used to determine whether you should enter into romantic relationships with other people. Imagine yourself in the future with the person you think you are in love with. Will you regret not settling down with them? Will you regret not exchanging vows with them? If yes, then you should put your mind to it and believe that anything is possible if you believe.

10/10/10 Rule

The 10/10/10 rule is also highly applicable in your efforts to change your life and improve your relationships. This model is similar to the regret minimization framework since it allows you to think about your future. When using this model to supercharge your thinking, you should take a step back and ask yourself three important questions. The three questions reflect on how you would feel in three different time periods. First, you should question how you would feel 10 minutes after deciding to do something. Secondly, consider how you would feel 10 months after making your move. And third, reflect on how you would feel in 10 years.

When entering into any serious relationship, use the 10/10/10 to evaluate the decision that you are about to make. How will you feel in 10 minutes after making that important decision? What about in 10 months or in 10 years? It is crucial that you turn to mental models to help you think clearly without being blinded by your emotions.

Second-Order Thinking

Second-order thinking also reiterates the importance of thinking about the consequences of your actions or decisions even before doing them. However, second-order thinking mental model stresses on the fact that people should not regret making mistakes. You cannot predict the future. Therefore, you shouldn’t evoke negative emotions that will only drain energy from you.

The best thing that you can do is to learn from your mistakes and move on. The beauty of life is that you can try to do something for as many times as you like. The right mindset will ensure that you benefit from the experience that you gain from the mistakes you make.

Your critical thinking skills will be put to use when using the second-order mental model. Before doing anything, take a step back and reflect on the effects of your decisions. After that, you can follow your instincts if you feel that there is something good to gain from what you will choose to do.

To put it briefly, your life depends on how you think. When you finally realize that you are the creator of your own world, you will tap into the power of changing your life. A mere change of thoughts can miraculously transform your life. You will live a life that you have never experienced before.

Living a blissful life should be based on the material things that you have. Instead, it starts by changing how you think. This shouldn’t be a daunting task since there are plenty of mental models that you can turn to. These models will supercharge your thinking and help you make informed decisions about your life.


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