Questioning Through System Thinking Keeps the Organization Alive

To the extent that fresh questions are generated and taken seriously, each company remains alive. Such issues are then used as the driving force for improvements to be made and enforced. To think through or reconsider something, individuals within an organization have to ask questions that encourage deeper levels of thinking.

Questions specify roles, describe conflicts and communicate concerns. Although, on the other hand, responses frequently signal a complete stop in thought. The thought continues to add value in terms of personal as well as organizational growth and change only when the answers generate further questions.

It is important to remember that the individuals within an organization who create and pose difficult and informative questions are the ones who analyze, grow and understand. An organization can be moved forward by simply asking employees to list all the questions they have about an issue, method, or topic, including all the questions generated by their first list of questions.

Deep questions, however, drive thoughts that lie beneath the surface of things and force people to deal with complexity. While purpose questions force individuals to define “their task,” information issues force individuals to look at their information source(s) as well as their quality.


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