Positive and negative intuitions


Understand the signs

You need to know the signs of positive and negative intuitions. Sometimes,
your intuition is already telling you something but you are not aware that
these are already signs of your intuition trying to help you make a decision.

Some signs of positive intuition include the following:

• You feel comfortable and familiar with the decision

• You feel calm, safe, and excited

• It is not at all difficult for you to choose the idea

• You lean forward when listening to the idea and you nod your head

Some signs of negative intuition include:

• Your gut does not feel calm or relaxed, as if there is a tightness

• There is a sense of darkness, agitation, and other negative vibes

• You feel tensed about making the decision

These are some of the signs that you need to look out for when trying to
make a decision using your intuition. It is important to listen to these subtle
signs because they can help you avoid making the wrong decision and lead you to
the right one.


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