Mental models- A Multidisciplinary Approach

Generally, the mind utilizes existing research models that help us to better understand certain things. Another way of comprehending this is by taking a look at how we segment people based on their personalities. Naturally, people tend to divide themselves based on their perceived personalities. For instance, when hanging out with friends at a party, it is easy to notice how people group themselves. You will find two or three folks in one corner, while others will prefer to stay outside.

In marketing, brands have to communicate with these groups differently since they have varying tastes and preferences. The best brands out there utilize the idea of personality targeting to reach their audiences in the most desirable manner. This form of segmentation is based on Myers-Briggs personality profiling principles. This refers to a questionnaire that groups people based on their personality inventory. According to this profiling tool, there are 16 varying personality types.

In an ordinary situation where one is using their own crafted mental models, it would be a daunting task to understand people. We would struggle to try to find shared views that help us to judge people. The point here is that our personal experiences or understanding lack the depth that certain research models provide us. What’s more, these observations have unimportant noise that prevents our minds from correctly evaluating between what’s essential and what’s not.

People should acknowledge the fact that they can’t be proficient in everything they do. Accordingly, with the help of well-researched science-based models, we are better placed to make informed decisions. This leaves us with the conclusion that there are many ways we can understand the world. Of course, one of the main strategies would be to equip yourself with knowledge.

For you to understand the world, you must equip yourself with knowledge. The mind can be compared to a toolbox. To use this toolbox, you have to fill it with the right tools. Additionally, you should know how to use the tools you have. Therefore, with the right tools and expertise on how to utilize them, you can solve many problems. This is how knowledge is important to your life. You will solve faster and gain more control over your life.

The right tools that should occupy space in your mind are the mental models. Getting to a level of higher understanding is not that easy as it requires you to comprehend different models and how best to utilize them.

So why are mental models important in your life? Simply put, mental models help us to circumvent the complexities of this world. There is a lot that we should grasp. Consequently, to save ourselves from the burden of striving to understand everything, we simply choose to rely on mental models.

It goes without saying that the more tools you have in your toolbox, the easier it would be for you to solve problems. Concerning mental models, grasping a variety of these models guarantees that you can effectively handle problems that come your way. This happens because of the variety of mental models you have bestows you with the advantage of perceiving the world from different perspectives.

An economist and a psychologist will have varying views of the world. However, when they are brought together, they will combine their ideas to come up with better solutions. In the same way, when you have an array of mental models at your disposal, you will make informed decisions.

Still, it is worth mentioning that mental models are always changing. Your mental models will be directly influenced by what you learn and the experience that you gain in your life. So, if an individual has never shopped over the internet, they will assume the best way to shop is by shopping at brick and mortar stores. Sooner or later, when they are introduced to the world of online shopping, their mental models will change. They will appreciate the benefits that come with online shopping as compared to traditional stores.

Consequently, as you continue learning, expect changes in your mental models. The power of mental models can, therefore, be explained through the way in which mental models allow you to have varying worldview dimensions. By striving to ensure that your mental models do not limit you to a particular worldview, you will open yourself up to a world full of opportunities. Mastering several mental models gives you the power to make informed decisions, solve problems faster and gain total control of your life. Remember, the point here is not for you to become an expert in a single model.


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