Kaizen Philosophy Component: Look for the Things You Can Do

In problem solving there is often the temptation to look at the things that we are not able to do. We become fixated on the big problem. When we see that our house needs to be repaired due to damage from a storm, we look at all the things that require serious machinery, heavy lifting or construction teams. When we face a major obstacle like improving our education we see the cost of tuition loom over us, convincing us we’ll never get to where we want to go.

The Kaizen philosophy is one where we choose to focus on the small things that we can do each day rather than focus on the whole problem at once. If you’re trying to put money away for school, chances are you can’t just earn the $40,000 in a single day. But, you can make a point to apply for a scholarship every day or work on a freelance job that will provide you with money.

The Kaizen strategy depends upon the recognition that gradual, steady change will greatly improve your situation. By focusing on what you can do each day and dedicating yourself to working on that, you will eventually fix your problems without much of a major expenditure of energy. This works great especially if you’re someone who might be prone to fatigue or exhaustion when working to achieve your goals. 


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