Implementation : Consistency is Key

If you’re going to be a problem solver, then you’re going to need to have a mindset of being consistent in working toward your goal of solving your problems. Consistency is key when it comes to getting the work required to solve the problem done. If you aren’t consistent then any solution or plan that you have won’t be accomplished because you aren’t spending the time necessary to get the work done.

Consider if you are trying to solve a debt problem. The only way to solve a debt problem is to consistently earn money and pay off the debt. If you pay a little bit here and there, you won’t ever be able to eliminate that problem.

Some tasks, especially the shorter ones, don’t really need consistency, but when it comes to solving long term problems, if you aren’t dedicated then you might be in serious trouble!

So what are some ways that you can be consistent? Let’s take a look:

Consistency Tip 1: Work Every Day

Even if it’s just reviewing the strategy or looking for more solutions, if you choose to work every day toward solving your problem it will get done much quicker than if you give it only a few hours every other week or so. Make a point to spend some time. The bigger the problem is, the more time you are going to want to give it, but make a point to spend time on it every single day.

Consistency Tip 2: Make a Schedule

If you have a busy life and there are so many things that threaten your time, having a set schedule for time to work on your problem can be extremely effective in giving you the necessary space to write your strategy. By keeping a set time that you work on your project each day or each week, you will grow more consistent in being able to actually work on your problems.

Consistency Tip 3: Enlist Assistance

As discussed before, there can be enormous benefit to having help from others when it comes to getting a problem solved. If you’re someone who struggles to be consistent with working on your problem, whatever it may be, then perhaps you would do better if you found someone who would be willing to help you work on it. Look for an accountability partner who can check in on your status and hold you to your deadlines. You may also find someone who will be willing to help you solve the problem.

It never hurts to pull someone else in when working to overcome a problem. When you make the choice to bring in additional help, you are essentially doubling your capacity to work. One person can only do one thing at a time, so when you bring in a second person, you are essentially increasing your efficiency by 100%.


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