Foundation of intellectual development: Doing


This is where the first step of your path towards cognitive and mental development will be triggered. Because learning seeks to gain knowledge or information, the learned knowledge is typically in a dormant state waiting to be triggered. All you have experienced, either through reading, interpretation or experience, is equal to nothing unless it is done or used (applied).

The importance of learning is not in gaining facts or expertise, but in its functional utility when applicable in real-time situations and circumstances. This is the source of wisdom, intelligence, and understanding added. To gain wisdom, one must first acquire knowledge or information by reading, only then can one enable what has been learned to receive the wisdom therein.

Wisdom consists in right-applied knowledge or information. Learning something by reading (knowledge) is quite different from knowing something by doing something (wisdom). All acts ‘ result is different. While it’s true you can’t have one without the other, and it’s equally true that both yield two significantly different results. The do phase is very important to one’s psychological and intellectual development because it is the ability to internalize and personalize what has been taught.

The doing stage allows you to bring life into what was dormant, making you a creator rather than an information or knowledge holder. As we incorporate what we read, we are smarter as we obtain deeper insight from using the inactive iteration of knowledge or information gained into something more concrete and effective.

This is where knowledge or information is transformed from a dormant (passive) resource into a practical (active) resource. When we learn our goal shouldn’t be to know, our goal must also be to use (apply) what we’ve known. That’s how to receive knowledge.

Why is knowledge so important to developmentally and intellectually? I cannot attain understanding without wisdom. Thus, in our journey towards mental or intellectual development, we reach the final process; understanding.


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