Examples that can be detrimental for critical thinking

You may be proud of your ability to think critically at any stage, but here are some examples that can be detrimental to you.

Your Peers’ Jokes Are Not Funny Anymore

It can be a surreal experience to hang out with your friends. But when you analyze everything, all of a sudden, their jokes make no sense to you, and they are no longer funny. How many times have you rolled your eyes at them because you automatically think “amateur hour” when you hear one of their repeated jokes!”

You care too much about gender equality 

If your girlfriend/boyfriend gushes over that amazing invitation you received to a party to come, and you forget about gender equality. Don’t you think you have a little different idea?

And when, as you would have thought, they are unable to express their thoughts in a reasonable, so intelligent manner, you feel sorry for your group mates and simultaneously feel ashamed that you talk about them this way and that you are like that.

You’re alone with your books 

Not only do you love novels, your mates will hate, but you can’t talk to them about the finer points in the story because they’ll probably think you’ve gone crazy. And they’re smiling at you.

You Only Adequate Companion Is You

It’s hard to admit, but you can only talk to yourself about really interesting issues. Who can think about climate change’s biocultural approach? Who knows why promoting solar energy is important? Who is defending Severus Snape for doing everything he can to protect Harry? Sure, you alone.

Okay, all in all, System Thinking has its benefits and is quite useful in some situations (think about Sherlock Holmes, guys!). But most of the time, it will leach out all the fun and exasperate the mates around you.


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