Critical Thinking Mental Models- Illusion of Control

The uncertainties of this world often lead people to make the wrong decisions or simply to give up on what they intended to do. When faced with challenging situations, the best way of dealing with them is by believing that you can. Allowing the perception that you cannot do it only drives you to give up. If you believe that you cannot do it, then most certainly there is nothing that you can do about it.

Unfortunately, the inability to do something about a situation doesn’t just end there. There are negative effects that you could experience as a result of the mindset that you have. In this case, you will develop cognitive stress. You will be worked up that you cannot do anything to free yourself from the dilemma that is facing you.

The illusion of control mental model is a framework that can help you to eliminate uncertainty. This means that using this model, you will develop the right mindset that everything is under control. Accordingly, you will have every reason to be optimistic about life.

Developing a sense of control gives you confidence to live your life with energy. You will find it exciting that you are always optimistic about everything regardless of how other people might see it.

The notion of living with certainty shouldn’t be taken too far. One thing for sure is that, if we all knew about our futures, life would be boring. We would be forced to live a life without any thrills or surprises.

Regardless, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy state of optimism. You should strive to train your mind that everything is under control. Ultimately, you will also gain a better control of your life.


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