Build Your Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills 

When it comes to problem-solving, critical thinking is crucial because when solving problems, you need to apply logic and reasoning to whatever situation you will be facing to find suitable solutions to problems. Critical thinking will enable you to view situations from different angles. Let us look at the different qualities of a problem solver so you can know what you can do 

Qualities of An Efficient Problem Solver 

To become an efficient problem solver, you will need to be: 

Be Open-Minded 

Do not go into a situation with the aim of being the ‘hero’ or ‘saviour’. This will only serve to cloud your judgment because you will take it upon yourself to provide all the solutions. A critical thinker knows that his way or his approach is not the only one, and it may not be the best; hence, the importance of being open-minded. When you are open-minded, you will listen to others and seek solutions that will work best, even when the solutions are not something you provided.  


To improve your problem solving skills, you must look outside yourself. Empathy allows you to do this; it removes internal focus from your biases, and shifts it towards someone else. When this happens, you begin to see situations through the eyes of someone else as it were. If you are empathetic, you will also improve your communication skills, your people skills (cooperation with other people), and your ability to work with others.  

Employ Rational Considerations 

Problem solving should not use emotions, faulty, or incomplete information as its basis. Instead, it should use rational considerations as its base. This means that you need to find out what is truly going on, and gather all information before you make any judgments. Your solutions should use facts and evidence as its base. Your own opinion and emotions should not incapacitate your judgment. 

Problem solving simply entails finding solutions to different situations, problems, and challenges you face. It is an extremely crucial skill to build and improve because effective problem solving is what helps you combat challenges, ease your struggles, and find innovative fixes to the most bizarre and seemingly unfixable problems.  


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