Approach to problem solving- Recognize How You Feel

The first step to being able to approach the problem is learning how to recognize exactly what you are feeling. Oftentimes when we become overwhelmed, our minds become overstimulated and we start to experience a lot of emotions at once. This creates sort of a big ball of twine that our feelings get tangled up in. By being able to slow down and process through your emotions one step at a time, you will be able to get a better handle on how to approach the problem.

So it’s important to ask yourself what you are feeling and try to come to terms with each emotion. If you’re angry, ask yourself why are you angry. If you’re sad, ask yourself what is making you sad. Don’t just allow all of your emotions to storm up inside of you and create the sensation that you are overwhelmed. Sort through each and every feeling until you have a concrete understanding of each thing that’s going on inside of you.

Once you have an understanding of how you feel, it’s time for you to stop and ask yourself what you want to do with those feelings. Our feelings are extremely important because they signal important things to us. Fear tells us that we need to be cautious. Anger tells us we need to be protected. Sorrow communicates the idea that something wrong is going on. Your emotions are very good for you, but if we don’t have a steady grasp on what they are trying to do, it can be extremely overwhelming.

Think of your emotions like a dog. When you get home, you find your dog barking and jumping up and down excitedly. Let’s assume you just bought this dog, so you have no idea what it wants, but the dog just keeps leaping up and down and barking. Your mind will quickly try to decipher all of the information at hand. But the fact is, if you aren’t used to working with that dog, you’re just going to be stuck guessing at what the barks mean.

Likewise, if you aren’t used to working with your own emotions and deciphering what they are trying to tell you, each time you have to deal with an emotional situation, you’ll find yourself becoming overwhelmed. By taking the time to recognize each emotion and separate them from one another, you will be able to move forward without that heavy feeling of being overwhelmed.


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