How To Feel Confident In Your Decision Making And Have The Self Discipline To Stick To It

After making the decision, it also becomes a challenge to have the discipline to stick to it. You need to avoid second guessing yourself because this can only affect the consequences of your decision. You have to stop yourself from changing your mind once the decision has been made. Remember that not all decisions can be reversed and the best thing that you can do is to stick to your decision no matter what.

The main reason why you are second guessing yourself and thinking that your decision is probably wrong is lack of confidence. If you do not feel confident about your decision in the first place, you will surely have qualms and worries once it is done, thinking that you chose the wrong decision.

You need to be confident about your decision so that you can stick to it in the long run.

Trust your intuition

It has been discussed in the previous chapter that intuition is used by many people when making decisions. You need to learn to trust your gut even if sometimes the solution or choice that it presents is not logical or different from what you are used to. Sometimes, you just need to trust your instinct to be able to make a decision. Your intuition is your link to your subconscious mind and sometimes the answers to your problems lie in the deepest recesses of your mind.

Gather enough information

You will not have any confidence in your decision if you do not have enough information about your choices. If you are about to make a complex decision, you need to get the facts first, weigh the pros and cons, and understand the impacts of each choice. Once you know the important facts and details behind each option, you will become more confident about the decision that you are about to make. For example, if you are not yet sure whether to try a new software for your business and it is a thousand dollar investment and you cannot afford to change your mind once the decision is done, you first need to learn more about the features of the software and how it can help improve your business.

Get to the root cause of your doubts

You need to ask yourself why you have these doubts about a particular decision that can lead to second guessing. Maybe it is because of some mistake that you have done in the past or maybe because you are afraid of change. Whatever your reason if for doubting, you need to address it so that you can focus on making the decision. This will also prevent you from changing your mind once you have already made your choice.

Test them against your principles

Another thing that you can do to be more confident in making a decision and stop second guessing is to test the different options against your core values or principles. This is especially useful if the choices all look the same on the surface. You should ask yourself which among the options is in line with your core values or principles or the things that you value the most. The answer is usually the best option and the right decision to make. 


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