Homemade Face Creams and Lotions

The best skin creams and moisturizers for me and my family are just plain olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and sesame oil. (shea and jojoba oils work well too). I’m somewhat breakout-prone so when I started replacing my usual face creams I was worried about slathering oil all over my face. It turned out all these natural oils make me break out far less than any store bought moisturizers (even the expensive ones) and they are so much cheaper.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter
I put just a little bit of cocoa oil on my fingertips, while my face is still wet from the shower or washing. It thins out the oil nicely, makes it spread evenly on my face, and it absorbs into my skin faster, with no greasy slick. Coconut has anti-bacterial properties so it also helps heal blemishes and keeps skin clear.
When I researched alternative sunscreens coconut oil came up again, together with sesame oil. And because it turns out that sunscreen actually causes skin cancer – now when I go into the sun or walk the beaches I put on coconut oil. My skin becomes lovely and brown and doesn’t burn. (For long periods in intense sun, which I can feel on my skin, I cover up). As a sunscreen it is best to allow the oil to be absorbed in the skin before going out in the direct sun.

Almond Oil
Almond oil is chock full of vitamin E and is great for the skin. It is most suitable for dry or combination skin, but oily skin types like may tolerate it just fine. (Mine does) You just need to try it and see. Use a pea sized amount, and smooth it on your face in upward strokes.
Almond and sesame oils are also fantastic for the skin under and around your eyes. They are ideal for preventing and moisturizing crow’s-feet and fine lines. Almond oil has the additional benefit of reducing both dark circles and puffy eyes. Apply one or two drops of oil underneath and around your eyes. Gently pat it using one of your fingers. Do this right before going to bed.

Olive Oil
My favorite beauty secret which wasn’t a secret to my grandmother is using olive oil on just about every part of my body.
Olive oil is very effective in combating dryness and works wonders on the skin, day or night. If the skin on your face is feeling especially dry, take one or two drops of olive oil in your hands, and very gently tap it all over your face, making sure it doesn’t look slick. You can take a tissue and blot your skin just a little. You’ll have skin like velvet – soft , but not greasy.

You can use olive oil around your eyes, your lips, hands, nails and cuticles. You can use it to heal insect bites, sun burns and rashes. You can use olive oil to strengthen and nourish your hair and to prevent dandruff. You can also use olive oil for body massage.
Forget expensive skin treatments, fancy moisturizers and other beauty aids. If you want to have glowing, young skin, look no further than your kitchen. Like I already said sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest and easiest!


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