Healing Sunburn Spray and Compress

There is nothing sort of a cool mist of this Healing Sunburn Spray and Compress to appease your tender overexposed skin. The tea leaf employed in this direction contains phenol, theobromine, and polyphenols—all of that are soothing and healing to unhealthy skin. additionally, yerba mate could be a South yankee super-antioxidant that helps speed tissue repair. With the addition of cooling peppermint and therefore the skin healers Chamaemelum nobilis and Aloe vera, this concoction is bound to appease the sting of a sunburn!

YIELDS: one quart

4 cups filtered or spring water
1⁄4 cup contemporary peppermint leaves
1⁄4 cup contemporary Chamaemelum nobilis flowers
1 tablespoon loose leaf yerba mate
1 tablespoon tea leaf leaves
1⁄2 cup Aloe vera juice
10 drops peppermint oil

What you’ll need: kettle, giant cooking pan, spoon, strainer, quart jar, spray bottle

1. To Make: Boil four cups of water within the cooking pan. Take away from heat and add the herbs and tea, stirring with a spoon to moisten completely. Let the infusion steep for 15–20 minutes.  Place within the icebox and funky utterly, 15–20 minutes. Once the brew has cooled, add the Aloe vera and oil. Seal the lid tightly and shake well to mix.

2. To Store: Pour a number of the mixture into a twig bottle. Reserve the rest within the jar. Store within the icebox for up to a pair of weeks.

3. To Use: Shake before use. Spray affected areas as desired. Soak a soft textile and apply as a compress for 10–15 minutes to affected areas.


If you are doing not have access to contemporary peppermint, chamomile, loose leaf yerba mate, or loose leaf tea leaf, substitute tea bags: one peppermint, one Chamaemelum nobilis, one yerba mate, one tea leaf. Ensure the tea luggage contain solely the pure herb, with none flavorings or extra homogenised herbs.


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