Arguing is a part of our relationships

Arguing is a part of our relationships with other people, whether it is with our lifelong partner or just a stranger on the street.

This guide has provided you with a strong insight into this rare skill. Whilst by no means an exhaustive resource, by having read this guide you should understand everything you need to know to be comfortable arguing with anyone from a lover to an angry colleague. On your journey through this eBook you dipped and dived through formal logic and academic arguments, learning how to present and consider your ideas analytically along the way.

You also jumped into the world of confrontational arguments, discovering how to defuse, calm and communicate in your conflict with those you know. Further down the path, you took a crash course in body language and non-verbal communication, gaining the ability to alter and recognize the hidden signals people display. Finally, you also learned how to appreciate the differences in approach when dealing with conflicts between colleagues, friends, family members and strangers.

Now it’s up to you! Take what you have learned and see whether you, through trial and error, can master the oldest of all human interactions: the argument.


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