Write What You Want

This is your wanted destination. 

If you had unlimited resources in this world, how would you like to experience life on an average day?  Be specific!

Unlimited resources means if money was no object, or your health, or relationships, etc.

Experience life, means how would you like to feel and experience life as you live it.  Not materialistic wants, rather actual experiences in your life.  Be very specific! 

Think of an average Tuesday, when your kids go to school and you go to work.  What the ideal way you would “love” to spend an average Tuesday? 

No party’s or crazy stuff that would kill you if you did them every day.  Just average every day kind of stuff, but in a way that you would love to experience them. 

Describe your whole day from waking up lying in your bed, doing your normal daily activities, to going back to bed and falling asleep.  How would you love your daily experience to be?  Be very specific! 

Be as specific as you can. 

Add a lot more if you can. Every minute of the day, if you can muster it. The more detail the better so you can live it in your mind.

Force and stretch your imagination to come up with the most wonderful experiences you can possibly have. The sky is the limit!

You’re doing great! Keep going. 

Next write the following.

What Are Daily Habits I “Should” Do To Achieve Those Experiences I Want.  I know it’s hard to do them, but if you could do the habits when your life is perfect, just list them.  Be very specific! 

If your life was perfect and beautiful, describe it. Include your body posture and facial expression often. 

Be very specific on what habits and rituals would you do daily to get to your desired life experiences. 


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