Word About Fat

There’s a nasty rumor drifting around out there that fat cells are permanent. And the nastiest aspect of this rumor is that it holds true.

Yes, a lot of specialists conceded that fat cells– when created– are there for life. Yet this does not spell doom and gloom to those people who might stand to drop a couple of pounds. Since specialists believe that fat cells are permanent, they additionally acknowledge that fat cells can be shrunk. So even if the outright number of fat cells in your body stays the same, their size– and for this reason their look and percentage of your overall weight– can be decreased.


So while we have not entered into any medical detail– due to the fact that we do not need to or wish to– we have actually covered some crucial fundamentals about the metabolic process. In fact, you most likely know as much about metabolism now as numerous so-called specialists.

The bottom line is that metabolism represents a process– many processes, in fact– that transform food into energy. When this process develops cells, it’s referred to as anabolism. When this process breaks cells down, it’s referred to as catabolism.

For individuals attempting to drop weight, it is essential to experience catabolism. That is, it is necessary to transform food into energy that is utilized to break cells down.

Catabolism is likewise essential since it stops excess energy (calories) from being kept by the body.

Keep in mind: when the body has excessive calories– no matter what food source those calories originated from– it can just do 2 things. It can frantically attempt and see if you have any energy requirements (like perhaps you’re running a marathon at the time).

Or, more frequently, it will need to keep those calories. It has no choice. And unless you have a lean muscle that is eating up those excess calories, you’ll be adding fat.


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