Why We Think Negative Thoughts

Now, imagine your mind as a totally organized home—a home that’s free from extraneous, draining, and useless things that agitate you. What if you may surround yourself solely with thoughts that uplift, inspire, and soothe you?
Consider for a flash your mind as a peaceful unclouded sky, and you’ve got the ability to decide on what floats across. If that unclouded mental sky is thus fascinating, then why can we suppose such a lot, with thus few filters to kind the positive and necessary thoughts from the random and unnecessary?

Your brain contains regarding a hundred billion neurons, with another billion in your funiculus. the entire variety of connections between neurons—the cells answerable for processing—has been calculable at a hundred trillion synapses.
Our powerful brains square measure perpetually process all varieties of experiences and analyzing them within the type of thoughts. Thoughts kind what we have a tendency to understand to be reality.

Thinking is critical for resolution issues, analyzing, creating selections, and designing, however in between the days of proactive mental endeavors, the mind roams sort of a wild monkey, dragging you thru the brambles of rumination and negativity.

Your constant inner dialog distracts you from what’s happening around you, right here and currently. It causes you to miss valuable experiences and sabotages the thrill of this moment.
Absurdly, we have a tendency to assume we’d like to suppose additional or tougher so as to “figure out” why we have a tendency to aren’t as happy or consummated as we have a tendency to would like we have a tendency to may be. We have a tendency to attempt to pinpoint the possessions, people, and experiences that may quench our longings and ease our unhappiness. The additional we have a tendency to cogitate our despair, the additional heartsick we have a tendency to become.

In fact, nearly each negative thought you’ve got relates to the past or future. It’s common to search out yourself at bay in a very process cycle of sorry thinking or worry thoughts, even whereas feeling wanting to escape the unending tape enjoying in your mind.
Not solely does one struggle together with your thoughts, however you furthermore may struggle together with your inability to be freed from them. The longer the negative thoughts still loop, the more serious you are feeling. It’s nearly as if there have been 2 of you—the thinker and therefore the choose, the person thinking the thoughts and therefore the person aware that you just square measure thinking them and judgment however unhealthy they’re.

Although our thoughts square measure the perpetrator answerable for such a lot distress, we have a tendency to assume there’s not a lot of to be done regarding it. You can’t shut off your brain at can or rid of yourself of the mental chatter and associated feelings that forestall you from enjoying life absolutely.

Occasionally, we’ve got sudden moments of mental peace and quiet. More often, however, we have a tendency to attempt to quell the mental chatter by self-medicating with an excessive amount of food, alcohol, drugs, work, sex, or exercise. However these square measure temporary solutions to muffle the noise and ease the pain. in time, our thoughts square measure back at it once more, and therefore the cycle continues.

You may not be ready to keep your mental house free from muddle all the time, however you’ll impact your thoughts enough to enhance your quality of life and overall happiness in a very profound method. Thinking could appear automatic and uncontrollable, however several of our thought patterns square measure habitual and, well, thoughtless.

Although it seems you and your thoughts square measure indivisible, you are doing possess a “conscious self” that may step in with intention and manage your thoughts. You’ve got much more management of your thoughts than you think that. after you learn the way to manage your mind, you open a door to the enormousness of power, inspiration, and brilliance that’s simply behind the muddle of these undomesticated thoughts.

Through numerous attentiveness practices and sensible habits, you’ll disempower your thoughts and have additional “space” in your mind to fancy inner peace and happiness. You’ll have the clarity to place what’s most vital in your life, what now not serves your goals, and the way you wish to measure on a commonplace.


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