Why should we consume taro roots?

Taro roots come from green leafy plant i.e. Colocasia esculenta. These roots are also called as the “potato of the tropics” and is used as a vegetable. These plants are a native of Southeast Asia and often grow in wet, humid climates around the world.

Taro roots have amazing health benefits. They must be cooked and eaten because they may cause swelling in the mouth if eaten raw. They reduce fatigue. They are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, they control the blood sugar levels. Taro roots help in weight loss. Taro roots have a lot of health benefits. It must be consumed regularly to avail the health benefits.

Here are the amazing health benefits of taro roots

Health benefits of taro roots

Improves digestive health

Taro roots are rich in dietary fiber and prevents digestive problems by improving gastrointestinal health. They promote regular bowel movements and increase nutrient uptake.

Lowers blood pressure

Taro rots are rich in potassium which regulates the blood sugar levels. It also reduces hypertension, stress and trauma.

Cancer prevention

Taro roots are rich in anti-oxidants which eliminates free radicals and toxins from our body. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in prevention of cancer. Cryptoxanthin in taro roots helps in lowering the risk of lung cancer.

Controls diabetes

Being rich in dietary fiber, taro roots regulate the blood sugar level and release of insulin. It helps in lowering the chances of developing diabetes by managing the glucemic levels.

Anti- aging

Taro roots are rich in antioxidants and help in removing toxins from our body. They are very much beneficial for our skin, taro roots prevent pre-mature aging and makes you look younger. It is rich in Vitamin E and vitamin A which help in reducing the free radicals which damage the skin. They reduce blemishes and improve overall health of our skin.

Boosts immune system

Taro roots are rich in vitamin C which stimulates our immune system to create more white blood cells which helps our immune system by fighting against harmful foreign pathogens.

Weight loss

Taro roots are high in nutritional value but low in calories, one cup of cooked taro roots contain only 187 calories. If you are trying to lose weight taro roots can be a best option for you.

Maintains good vision

Taro roots are rich in beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin, they improve vision and prevent free radicals from damaging the ocular cells.


Taro roots are rich in vitamins and minerals and are highly nutritious. They help in weight loss and improve digestion. Taro roots are low in calories and help in managing weight effectively. They control diabetes and improve skin texture .Consuming taro roots regularly helps in maintaining good heart health.


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