What is Metabolism?

Some individuals believe that the metabolic process is a sort of organ or a body part that affects food digestion.

In fact, the metabolism isn’t any specific body part.

It’s the procedure by which the body converts food into energy.

Thus, you have actually most likely heard of the expression metabolic procedure utilized synonymously with the term metabolism, due to the fact that they both imply the identical thing.

The Medical Mumbo Jumbo

This isn’t a complex medical text (which ought to be fantastic news to the majority of you!), therefore, we do not need to spend an unneeded quantity of time and space concentrating on the layered intricacy of the body and its remarkable intelligence.

Yet without drilling deeply into medical details– which are not pertinent for our basic understanding purposes, it’s valuable to briefly take a look at the biological systems behind metabolism.

Metabolism, as discussed above, is the procedure of transforming food (e.g., nutrients) into fuel (e.g., energy). The body utilizes this energy to perform a large range of vital functions.

In fact, your capability to read this page, actually, is driven by your metabolic process.

If you had no metabolism– that is, if you had no metabolic process that was transforming food into energy– then you would not have the ability to move.

As a matter of fact, long before you recognized that you could not move a finger or raise your foot, your internal processes would have stopped; due to the fact that the standard building blocks of life– circulating blood, changing oxygen into co2, expelling possibly lethal wastes through the kidneys– all of these depend upon metabolic process.

Keep this in mind when you hear somebody state that they have a slow metabolism.

While they might deal with undesirable weight gain due to metabolic aspects, they definitely have a working metabolism.

If they didn’t, they would not even have the ability to speak (since that, too, needs energy that originates from, you guessed it: metabolic process!).

It’s additionally fascinating to keep in mind that, while we easily refer to the metabolic process as if it were a single function, it’s truly a catch-all term for numerous functions that are occurring inside the body. Every second of every minute of each day of your life– even, obviously, when you sleep– many chemical conversions are occurring through the metabolic process or metabolic functioning.


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