Unhealthy eating habits

No one eats perfectly all the time, but continuous bad eating habits can lead to a potential problem. It is not just overeating or less exercise that results in weight gain, but also poor eating habits that are the cause of a host of many chronic problems such as high cholesterol level in the blood, high blood pressure and high sugar level. You may not realize but slowly you will end up having the poor health with these bad habits of eating.

Unhealthy eating habits you must avoid

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day since you are eating almost after a gap of 12 hours from the previous day dinner. You may be getting late to school, college or work and you end up skipping breakfast. If you do it more often, it slows down your body metabolism and you will end up eating more lately. Breakfast gives you energy for the entire day and it also fastens your body metabolism. It is very important to have breakfast on time each day.

Snacking round the clock

Kids have the bad habit of snacking the entire day with chips, wafers, chocolates, biscuits, etc. This is an unhealthy habit which makes you end up having high amount of calories in your stomach, you will not feel hungry when it is the time to take meals. Hence, you must avoid munching throughout the day.

Eating late night

One of the bad habits obese people have is eating late in the night. It is not only important to choose what you eat, but it is very important to choose its timings, late night eating results in tremendous weight gain.

Eating carbohydrate rich food

It is one of the most reasons for being overweight, you must not eat more carbohydrates than required. Your plate should be filled two fourth with salads, one fourth with carbohydrates and the rest one fourth with proteins.

Eating too quickly

Another bad habit is eating too quickly whether it is a snack or a meal. The brain needs 15 to 20 minutes to get connected with your stomach. Gulping down the food will not allow the brain to get connected with the stomach. If you gulp your food in less than 10 minutes or so, your mind will not signal that you are full and you will end up eating more. Take sufficient time to eat. Take smaller bites and chew the food properly.

Avoid eating after dinner

If the hunger still craves, then you must eat something light like a fruit. You must completely avoid having snacks like junk foods after dinner. It results in poor digestion and uneasiness.

Eating in large bowls

Eating in a large bowl or large containers will make you eat more than required. You must eat food from smaller dishes.

Eating alone

Studies have shown that while you eat a meal alone in your home, you usually tend to eat more than required. You must control your eating while alone.

Too much junk foods

High fat, high calorie rich foods are as much addictive as drugs. Eating such foods elevates your mood and you will end up developing a habit of eating junk food. Avoid junk food as much as possible and start healthy nutritious eating.

Eating while watching television

You tend to eat more while you watch movies, work on computers or play video games. You must take a break while working on computers, you should mind your eating during these activities. It is important to move around for a while.

Stress eating

Many people take up eating when their emotions are high in their mind, whether positive or negative. This is a terrible habit as this will make you eat more and you will gain weight faster.
Avoid emotional eating as far as possible.

It is very important to maintain healthy eating habits because unhealthy eating habits may lead to obesity and several health problems. Try to avoid the bad eating habits mentioned in this article to stay fit and healthy.


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