The Cause of illness

Now that you know what causes anxiety, is there anything that can be done about them? How do you get them?

Is it hereditary, mental illness, or just everyday stress related causes?

Believe it or not, anxiety can be hereditary, it can be mental illness, and it can be related to everyday stress.

From the time you’re born, you learn how to handle emotional problems from your parents.

They may not come right out and say, “This is the way to handle stress.”, but they do show you by their actions in how they deal with stress, which leads to anxiety and depression.

There is also the fact of the amount of chemicals in our food supply. Many of the chemicals add to stress related problems. For example, if you’re a smoker, the additives to the tobacco and the papers can lead to anxiety much quicker than any other substance.

In 2003, in New York, they passed the first fire-safe cigarette law. The fire-safe cigarettes (FSC) are self-extinguishing cigarettes that are designed to go out if they are left unattended. 

The law was designed to lower the rate of fires started by cigarettes. Since then, 43 states have passed this law.

A note of interest: whereas researching the book, I found a reality sheet from the National Institute of mental state, which, by the method features a mission statement that reads,

However, there was an announcement on their web site that reads however they commit to facilitate as, “Research to spot brain mechanisms concerned in anxiety disorders additionally holds the potential to reveal targets for higher medications with fewer aspect effects.”

Do you suppose “better medications with fewer aspect effects” is that the answer to the psychological disorder of today’s world? in person, i feel they’re the explanation for the mental disorders in individuals together with kids.


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