Shea butter benefits for skin

Shea butter acts as a good substitute of coconut oil, it is an extraction of nuts of shea tree. Pure unrefined shea butter has been used for thousands of years. It has hydrating and healing properties. Shea butter originates from the tropics of Africa. It occurs naturally in highly concentrated state.

Have you heard about the benefits of shea butter on your skin? It is used in cosmetics and lotions. It is also used in treating leprosy and healing wounds.

There are various grades of shea butter such as A,B,C,D,E.

Grade A is the purest form extracted from shea tree nuts. It is rich in vitamin A and E.
Grades B and C are processed and is used in cosmetics.
Grades D and E are contaminated with pollutants and are rarely sold for personal use.

Let us know the miraculous benefits of shea butter on your skin.

Benefits or skin

Shea butter is used as an ingredient in almost all beauty products. Shea butter is a best option during summer. It acts as a sun block and is a natural sunscreen. It moisturizes your skin and it is loaded with natural vitamins.

Shea butter has many benefits on skin, it can effectively reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and fine lines. It replenishes dry, dead skin making it look healthy and young. Shea butter is rich in anti-oxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It moisturizes our body really well. It transforms our skin from dry to smooth.

 It is rich in vitamin A, E and F. Shea butter gets easily absorbed and it is great for all skin types. It has restorative properties which promote skin elasticity and minimizes scars.It moisturizes skin and prevents pre-mature wrinkles. It removes fine lines without clogging pores and leaves your skin shiny.

Applying shea butter on your elbows and knees makes your skin soft. It heals your skin from rashes, insect bites or sun burns. Shea butter has anti-aging properties and you need to use extra anti-aging creams.

Shea butter moisturizes your lips and protects your lip from UV rays, cold and dry weather.

It is loaded with vitamin F, which keeps your skin hydrated and soft thus maintaining its elasticity.

Shea butter can be used for smooth shave instead of shaving cream, it acts as a natural scrub. Natural scrub can be made by mixing coconut oil, brown sugar and shea butter. It removes dead skin cells and makes your skin extra smooth.

Shea butter heals cracked heels, apply shea butter on cracked heels and leave it overnight. It repairs and nourishes the skin.

How to use shea butter?

If you have oily skin, use little amount of shea butter and massage on your skin. Avoid using shea butter on your eyes.

Daily use as a face and body moisturizer.

Apply on rough spots one hour before bedtime.

Massage shea butter thoroughly on your hair and scalp one hour before wash to get a natural shine on your hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and allow the butter to absorb for thirty minutes. Wash your hair and use conditioner.

Massage shea butter on stretch marks to slowly vanish them.

Massage shea butter into a sore or tired area.


Shea butter is one of the best substitute of coconut oil. It has hydrating and healing properties. It moisturizes the skin and prevents all kinds of skin defects. It is necessary to maintain healthy hair. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and has anti aging properties. It reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and fine lines. It is beneficial for all skin types including the sensitive ones.


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