Phases of life

The 5 Phases of Your Life 

Right off the bat, to state it out gruff. The outcomes throughout your life right presently are your own shortcoming. This sentence may annoy numerous individuals, yet we should stop and consider it.

For what reason would you say you are working a crappy activity (on the off chance that you have one)? Since you chose to go after the position and to remain there.

For what reason would you say you are large or somewhat corpulent? Since you are continually deciding to indulge and to skirt the exercise center. For what reason would you say you are down and out?

Since you are deciding to spend more than you have. 

Once more, this isn’t to affront you, yet I need to give you another gander at things. 

Be that as it may, I comprehend the aftereffect of certain individuals’ life due conditions.

A few people have dietary issues, a few people battle with low confidence since something awful transpired. A few people have an extremely bustling family life so they can’t seek after their fantasies.

I get that, however these are transient outcomes. I am discussing long haul results.These are results that you have for a significant stretch of time, while you can decide to transform them.

I accept that there are 5 stages I our lives. All that what occurs in stage 2 and 3 aren’t our shortcoming.

Be that as it may, everything after stage 3 is our own duty, we can decide to make the outcomes we need after stage 3.

To clarify it top to bottom: 

Stage 1: Your existence with no conditions 

Stage 2: Your life after nature’s impact 

Stage 3: Your life after life’s impact 

Stage 4: The move you make to improve your life 

Stage 5: Your life upgraded 


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