Online business you can start during covid-19 lockdown – Social media marketing

As social media became a thing, it gave rise to a whole new and lucrative industry, social media marketing. Believe it or not, being on social media hardly guarantees knowledge in social media marketing.

Some time ago, i was apporached by a social media marketer who was offering to take on all the social media accounts for my business. After discussing with him at length, it became apparent how very little i knew about it all. What baffled me the most was the fee he charged. It was easy to see how lucrative the business is.

Did you know? That investments in social advertising worldwide are forecast to grow from around $32 billion in 2017, to approximately $48 billion in 2021, a “” study reveals. Not only has social media created this new business, the demand for these services are on the rise. So while many just type away on the several platforms – pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter, they haven’t fully realised the huge potential these platforms hold.

Today it’s normal to have companies employ the services of freelance social media marketers. These individuals take up all their accounts and manage them(remotely), impacting the company’s public image and revenue. If done correctly, in this digital world, this type of marketing can reap enormous benefits.

This is an opportunity for you. Why not, instead of just consuming content, learn social media marketing as a trade and tap into the huge potential of this market. It may cost you to learn, however the earning potential is huge. For the freelance marketers, many are able to take on more than one client, and they usually do this working out of a laptop from any location of their choice.

Multiple streams of income!

So, lets look at some social media marketing courses that could help you on your way to becoming a professional in this career;

•             The business of social

•             Free content marketing certification course

•             Introduction to social media strategy

•             GenM’s social media and digital marketing apprenticeship

There is a ton of other courses online. You can do your research to determine your preference. It is also worthy of note that this industry is highly dynamic, its evolving at a very fast pace and so remaining an authority would mean continuous learning and practise on your part.


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