Online business you can start during covid-19 lockdown – Online publishing

By publishing i am simply referring to the creation of books, guides, courses etc. I particularly like this career opportunity because materials produced(depending on the niche)can continue to generate revenue indefinitely. In the past, many individuals have written books which till this day, are still in print and selling. Back then most books were in hard copies but today a number of them are created and published online.

What this has done is take away the overheads required to produce them in hard copies but retained their earning potential, with a lot more market reach. The internet has shrunk the world and so it’s easy for your content to be consumed from anywhere around the world.

The book “Think and grow rich”written and published in 1937, by Napoleo Hill, as at 2015 had sold over 100 million copies. Over four decades after his death and its still bringing in revenue. This is the magic in writing and publishing your own content. If you write an evergreen book, it has the potential to keep putting money in your pocket, passively! This is what they call “Royalties”.

Some would say they don’t have a talent for writing and i beg to differ. Writing can be learnt, just like a number of other skills. I believe the only  concern should be what you have to offer, your story. On the internet there exists countless guides and tutorials for aspiring authors.

Back then it took a whole budget and plenty of hands to write and publish a book. Today, with the help of the internet, and self publishing platforms such as – Kindle direct(Amazon),, Createspace and many others, anybody can write a book, immediately publish online and begin to earn. Yes, thats right…and if you happen to author a good and timeless piece, you can pretty much say you have an asset in your hands, because it will continue to provide you with cashflow.

Writing is very underrated, often shunned as a career reserved for a very select few. I can’t tell you how wrong this impression is. Information is inexhaustible, and as there continues to be more books being written, there will always be a crowd of readers waiting to consume. I myself have written one book, without any formal training, today you’re reading this short second book of mine and i am in the process of finishing a third book i intend to publish a few months from now.


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