Notice and feel the beautiful surroundings

Then float back up and gently sail through the sky back toward your home. 

Notice all the beauty of the view, and sense the fresh air, as you float through the sky. 

Float back into your bedroom window and softly land. 

Express gratefulness, and feel it, for all the things you saw and felt in your beautiful journey. 

Repeat as much as you want and until you fall sleep. 

The advantage of guided meditation is that you choose to focus on what you want rather than let your mind drift in possibly unwanted thoughts. 

Even if you don’t sleep, your mind is still resting while doing this relaxing, guided meditation.

Now that we’ve established the importance of sleep, we’ll look at what to do when you wake up.

The Daily Movement Habit

Here’s another daily must-do habit. 

You prep your body and mind for the day. Remember that the mind is connected to your body. So you’re going to jump start your body first thing in the morning. 

Once you start doing this and feel the benefits, you will feel that your day is missing out when you miss this routine.

NOTE:  You should consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.


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