Korean Skin Care Secrets: Facial Massages

Koreans believe that facial massages can tone the skin, enhance the skin’s color, slim the face, drain the glands under the skin, help circulation, and improve the overall appearance of your face and neck. There are many types of facial massage, so searching around on the internet is sure to lead you to some useful tutorials. You should perform the facial massage with your nighttime moisturizer. Give it a shot! You should notice an improvement in your skin and also be able to relax and unwind after a long day!

• Step 1: Take out a little more night cream than you normally would. Mix it with a drop or two of an essence if the cream is too thick for the massage. Mixing with a liquid substance like an essence will help make it easier to massage into the skin.
• Step 2: Warm up the mixture between your hands for a few seconds.
• Step 3: Pat the mixture onto your face, starting first with your forehead and chin. Press firmly a couple of times to transfer the product. Do the same to your cheeks and nose.
• Step 4: Massage the middle of your face using the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. Start under your cheekbones near your nose and move up and out towards the outer part of your cheek and your temple. Repeat this motion a couple of times, applying light pressure only.
• Step 5: Start with your knuckles on the sides of your nose this time. Move up both sides of your nose to the top of your forehead. Then rub down the sides of your forehead towards your jaw. This part of the massage helps to drain fluid under the skin, slimming the face. Remember to only use light pressure and to repeat this step a few times.
• Step 6: Using your index fingers, lightly massage under your eyes, starting near the bridge of your nose. Work your way under your eyes and up towards your temples. Press very lightly, as the skin under your eyes is delicate. Press a little more firmly on the temples to relieve pressure.
• Step 7: Finally, make a fist with both hands. Start at the bottom of your chin and push upwards towards your ears. This will relieve tension, slim the face, and help remove toxins from your glands.
Facial massages can be performed nightly, for those who are very industrious!


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