Health benefits of rambutan

Rambutan belongs to a family called Sapindaceae which is a medium sized tropical tree. Rambutan is a native to the Arabian region and some other parts of Asia. It is a delicious fruit which is quite small and contains a considerable amount of vitamin C, it helps in boosting the immunity levels and removes toxins from the body.
It has good amount of copper which helps in improving the health of blood vessels cells. It is estimated that about 100 gm of rambutan contains 85 calories, it is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Benefits of rambutan on health

Maintains diabetes level

Rambutan helps in controlling the sugar and glucose level in the body, the peels of rambutan possess anti-diabetic properties. Several studies have shown desirable benefits of rambutan.

Improves bone health

Phosphorous present in rambutan plays a significant role in the formation of bones. Vitamin c also has the capability in defining bone health and improves its maintenance.

Improves hair health

The antibacterial properties of rambutan help in treating scalp and dandruff issues of hair. Vtamin C helps in maintaining healthy hair. Copper is responsible for promoting hair growth.

Improves heart health

The presence of fiber in rambutan can restore the heart rate and reduce the effect of coronary heart disease. It can lower the cholesterol level and treat hypertension in various situations.

Boosts energy level

The presence of protein and carbohydrates in rambutan are responsible for boosting the level of energy in the body. Also, a natural sugar helps in aiding the same. Rambutan can be added in the daily diet for aged people.

Antiseptic properties

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of rambutan have numerous benefits. The formation of pus is prevented by the paste of rambutan fruit, it can be applied to heal wounds which are caused by severe injuries.

Controls weight

Rambutan can prevent weight gain. It contains fiber that can aid weight loss.  All types of fruits have a lower energy density which is favourable for weight loss.

Beneficial during pregnancy

Rambutan is sweet and is very helpful at the time of pregnancy. It helps in improving nauseating and dizziness that is frequent during pregnancy. It is rich in iron that helps in fighting dizziness and enhances the level of haemoglobin in the body.

Prevents cancer

Rambutan is rich in antioxidants which help in preventing cancer. It can protect the cells from getting damaged and improve inflammation. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and prevents the formation of carcinogens.

Improves digestion

The presence of fiber makes it more nourishing and helps in improving the digestive system. Some of the irregularities like constipation can be treated by it. It can kill the parasites of the intestine and help in improving the digestive system.


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