Health Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits for all ages. This is why it is recommended that a healthy diet include three servings a week of the foods that contain them. The benefit of keeping your joints functioning allows for complete mobility. This is essential for those that have issues with arthritis. Some do not make enough joint lubrication naturally they risk bone spurs, fractures, and breaks. The fatty acids will help the production of joint lubrication. They also help make anti inflammatory drugs more effective. You need to be sure you are taking the right source of the fatty acid, so it works effectively.

Brain functionality is high on a health minded persons list. The fatty acids help kick start the process that produces brain cells. You constantly have your brain cells dying and producing new ones. The issue is that when you suffer from a brain injury it often leaves lasting damage. Doctors recommend five or more servings of the fatty acids to help repair the damage. While the damage will remain it helps the new brain cells function properly. Using this fatty acid during the beginning of a disease such as Alzheimer’s can help slow the decent of the disease over time.

Another issue is that our minds can lack information retention. We all know someone that you can give information too and they forget the information quickly. Fatty acids help keep new information in the short term memory bank. Once the information is in the short term memory bank long enough it moves to long term.

This issue is those with dementia and Alzheimer’s lose the ability to retain the short term memories. Later in the illness they also lose their long term memories. Some varieties of amnesias have issues with getting the short term memories to the long term memory bank. So they wake up not remembering what you told them the day before. This means you can spend day after day repeating the same information. The fatty acids are good to help hang onto the short term memories. Yet even with these acids the person will forget the memories. Depending on the person this decent can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. They have found a link between the poor diet eaten in the Great Depression and the amount of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Lack of brain concentration otherwise known as brain fog is another issue. Where you just cannot concentrate on a subject because it seems like your brain is surrounded by a thick fog. This often occurs with sleep deprivation that is why it is essential to get enough sleep. The fatty acids help to wake up your brain to lift the fog so to speak. This is why many bosses allow employees to munch on mixed nuts in the mornings. This helps their employees with focusing early in the morning. You can also try a nut butter on something like waffles or flat bread. When you fold the waffle or flat bread in half it makes an easy breakfast on the go.

Heart health is another thing many are worried about in our society. This is a serious thing to keep in mind. Heart conditions are the highest ranked killer in our country. Fatty acids may seem small they do have ways of supporting your cardiovascular health. Those with a family history of heart issues want to be tested from an early age and often to help prevent the issues from happening.


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