Gluten free foods

Gluten is a protein that is formed into the seeds like wheat whose purpose is to provide shape to the food items. Gluten acts as a gum and helps the food items to get bound together. There are many people who are allergic to the foods that are having high amount of gluten. Doctors recommend such people to have gluten free diet.

The common example of gluten enriched food items is wheat, rye and barley. Gluten free diet is essential for people who are allergic to gluten.

Tomatoes are found in every home and is easily available. It is used in preparing every food item to provide it a new taste or flavour. They help in maintaining healthy heart.

Carrot is the best food item to consume for maintaining the right health. It is gluten free and has amazing health benefits.

Spinach is a common vegetable used in the form of salads. They are enriched in vitamins and minerals. It is abundant in vitamin A and C and iron which is beneficial for the heart and makes the heart healthy too.

Ghee is the only food item which has been used many years ago. Besides being gluten-free food, there are many benefits of consuming ghee. They help in maintaining a healthy weight and provide strength to the bones.

Coconuts have a great content of healthy saturated fat and have a very much positive impact on health. They help in proper functioning of the brain and also help in losing excess fat too.

Dark chocolates
Dark chocolates which have more than 70% of cocoa are very much healthy as well as gluten free. They are also beneficial for the skin.

Eggs are having numerous benefits, they come under the category of gluten free food items. Eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
They are enriched in the proteins which are essential for people of every age.

Cream which is extracted from the milk is one among the list of gluten free food items.
Milk is rich in calcium and is very much beneficial for the bone. It is recommended by the doctors for almost everyone.

Many people consume oats to maintain a healthy weight, they are gluten free and help in reducing the blood sugar level inside the body and reduces the chances of heart problems.

Onions provide a new taste to the food. They are also used in the form of the salads. It is included in pizzas, burgers etc.


People who are allergic to gluten need to maintain gluten free diet.
It often becomes difficult to find out which foods are gluten free.
In this article there are few mentioned foods which are gluten free and are having many health benefits.
Include this in your daily diet to stay fit and healthy.



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