Foods that kill diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most lethal disease in the entire world today. Diabetes can be cured by changing few eating habits and making few lifestyle changes. You can cure diabetes naturally at home by using home remedies.

By eating foods which lower the blood glucose levels you can easily keep diabetes under control.


Ginseng contains active compounds which modulate insulin secretion and regulates glucose metabolism. Ginseng contains ingredients which lowers blood sugar levels effectively.

Add a teaspoon of ginseng tea to a cup of water. Boil for few minutes.
Cool and consume immediately. Drink this tea thrice a day to keep diabetes at bay.


Garlic is rich in antioxidants. It contains a powerful enzyme called allicin which has anti-diabetic properties. It helps the people with diabetes in managing it.

How to use garlic?
Consume garlic along with other dishes.
Chew on a few cloves of freshly peeled garlic every morning.

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is rich in fiber and it contains charantin, which is an anti-diabetic compound, it cures diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

How to use bitter gourd?
Extract juice from bitter gourd and add one or two tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Drink this every morning to get best results.


Oatmeal is rich in fiber. It helps regulate the blood glucose levels and also lowers cholesterol. Hence helps in managing diabetes.
Consume a bowl of cooked oatmeal twice a day.


Kalonji  is a black seed oil which is known for its role in glycemic control is one of the best remedies to treat diabetes. It regulates blood sugar level by keeping them under control.

How to use kalonji

Add one tablespoon of kalonji oil to a cup of tea  and drink this twice a day.

Myrrh oil

Myrrh contains anti-oxidants which helps to reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress. This has healing effects on diabetes.

Add three drops of myrrh oil to a diffuser filled with water. Inhale the diffused air.
Do this one to two times a day.


Diabetes can be cured by eating healthy foods which control your blood glucose levels. Using home remedies prevents you from relying on expensive medications. Bitter gourd, oatmeal, kalonji, myrrh oil, garlic and ginseng are the best natural remedies for curing diabetes. Hence you need not worry about managing diabetes till you keep consuming these foods.


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