Folate rich foods

Folate or folic acid also known as vitamin B9 which is a vitamin of water soluble required to play various important functions in our body. The most common use of folic acid is to ensure healthy cell division and supports healthy fetal growth and development. It reduces the risk of birth defects.

Folic acid was usually in the prescription of prenatal vitamins, it can also be discovered in many natural foods and even fortified foods.

Pregnant women and healthy adults should take atleast 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to prevent from lacking it.

Here is the list of foods that are high in folate


Just a half of legumes contain 180 mcg of folate and is also rich in protein and fibers. One cup of cooked lentils that contain 350 mcg of folate which is almost 90% of your daily recommended intake of folates, while one cup of cooked kidney beans 33%.

Citrus fruits

These great flavour fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes are rich in folate at 14% in just one large orange. It is also rich in vitamin C which boosts immune system.

Leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and arugula are low in calories that are great for weight loss. They are packed with many important vitamins and minerals. One cup of raw spinach can supply your pregnant body with 15% of folate. It is rich in fiber, vitamins K and A which are great for healthy pregnancy nutrients.

Brussels sprout

Brussels sprout is closely linked with kale, broccoli, cabbage especially high in folate, ranging at 12% of daily requirements in just half a cup.


Asparagus are packed with rich amount of various vitamins and minerals. It is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It contains about 34% folate in only a half cup serving.  It is rich in anti-oxidants and  removes toxins from our body.


Beetroot is rich in nutrients , manganese, potassium, vitamin C including folate to supply at 37% of daily pregnancy daily needs.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in fiber and helps in digestion flow smoothly, it is also rich in folate around 7% in 30 grams of walnuts, while 6% in 30 grams of flax seeds.

Cooked eggs

Including eggs in your diet easily boosts your intake nutrients, 6% of folate in present in just one cooked egg. It is also rich in vitamin B12, protein, selenium and riboflavin. Its rich in anti-oxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. It lowers the rsik of eye disorders like muscular degeneration.

Beef liver

It is very important to eat beef liver, you can obtain rich folate supply at about 54% of daily requirements in just 90 grams or 3 ounces of cooked beef liver portion. It is rich in proteins, it is needed to promote tissue restoration and producing key enzymes and hormones.


Unripe papaya must be avoided during pregnancy , but one cup of ripe papaya provides about 14% of the recommended daily intake for folate.


Avocados improve your heart health. One half size of a raw avocado gives you about 21% of daily needed folate. It is rich in monounsaturated healthy fats that prevent from heart diseases.


Broccoli is rich in folate, manganese, vitamin C, K and A. Eating half cup of broccoli provides 21% of daily requirements.

Wheat germ

Wheat germ was known as embryo of the wheat kernel, which supplies you 20% of daily needed folate just in one ounce.


Grains come in many ways, ranging from breads to pastas while the one which is fortified can boost their folic acid amount. One cup of cooked spaghetti gives sbout 26% of the daily needed folate.


Banana is rich in folate, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese. It supplies 6% of the daily requirement of folate.


Folate or folic acid also known as vitamin B9 is required to play various important functions in our body.
It prevents various diseases and helps in gaining vital nutrients.
You should follow a well balanced diet that is rich in natural sources of folate in moderate amounts which is to mix various kinds of folate foods to boost overall nutrients instead of only folate.
Pregnant women should ensure eating at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily. It prevents pregnancy defects.


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