Fenugreek seeds prevent premature hair greying

Hair greying is a natural process for old age people, but it becomes a problem when seen in young teenagers. Premature hair graying is a common problem for everyone. It can be caused by deficiency of zinc, copper and vitamins such as vitamin B. There will significant decrease in melanin which is caused by free radicals which results in greying of hair. Hereditary, stress and anxiety lead to premature hair greying. Trying to find remedies for this is difficult, hence you can find ingredients in your kitchen which can help in prevention of hair greying. Additionally you will also have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and provide hydration for your hair to make them healthy and shiny.

Causes of hair greying

Hair greying may be mainly because of hereditary, if your ancestors had hair greying problem, definitely you are also a victim of hair greying problem.

Anemia or thyroid problems also lead to hair greying.

Lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet is a major reason for premature hair greying.

Vitamin B 12 deficiency causes hair greying because melanocytes need vitamin B 12 for production of hair colouring pigment.

Smoking, stress, hectic life style can be a cause of premature hair greying.

Are you worried too much? you can use fenugreek to treat and prevent this problem.

Benefits of fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds prevent bacteria on the scalp, promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles.
Fenugreek seeds are full of nutrients which are necessary for prevention of premature hair greying.
They prevent hair loss and conditions the hair.
There is high content of potassium in fenugreek seeds which makes it effective against hair greying.

How to use fenugreek seeds?

You will need

Handful of fenugreek seeks

You need to do

Powder the fenugreek seeds.
Add water slowly to make a paste.
Apply this on your scalp and hair, leave for 2 hours.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
Repeat this twice a week to see visible results.


Premature hair greying is a world-wide problem caused by genetics, lack of nutrients, lack oh hair care, stress, smoking etc.
Eating right is the first step to get rid of this.
Using fenugreek on your hair strengthens hair follicles and produces hair colouring pigment to darken your hair.


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