Cucumber De-Puffer Spa Water

Get eliminate further water weight whereas staying hydrous with this deliciously extinction spa water. Cucumber and lemon area unit natural diuretics that aid digestion and appetence management. The ginger and Mentha spicata facilitate relieve bloating and can conjointly profit the gastrointestinal system. This delicious, refreshing, and detoxifying drink is helpful for weight loss and for relieving PMS symptoms.

YIELDS: eight cups

8 cups spring water
5 skinny slices of ginger, peeled
1 medium cucumber, sliced skinny
1 medium lemon, sliced skinny
12 Mentha spicata leaves
ice, optional

What you may need: knife, chopping board, half-gallon pitcher, strainer, long handled spoon

1. To Make: Combine all the ingredients along during a massive pitcher. Refrigerate for many hours or nightlong to permit the flavors to infuse the water.

2. To Store: Keep cold and drink inside four days.

3. To Use: You’ll be able to drink this spa water all day long! Drink this for up to four days during a row and you may begin feeling nice. The additional fluids and diuretics area unit flushing out the toxins whereas you’re conjointly flooding your system with vitamin C, antioxidants, and organic process aids. You’re improvement out your cells and staying hydrous, which is able to show within the radiance, tone, and texture of your skin.


The ingredient mixtures in these spa waters area unit specifically developed to support healthy skin texture and look whereas providing a decent dose of anti-aging vitamin C. Extra advantages embrace appetence management, immune defense, symptom interference, glucose regulation, and weight management. What a fun and delicious thanks to take care of your skin!


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