Creating Your Map

What you need to do is create a set of habits that are going to take you to your desired state. I am going to show you how to create custom made habits for you!

First you need to map yourself. Let’s do this by recognizing your current habits. Here’s how. 

Write the following:

1. Write how you feel. 

Write down if you are currently depressed, sad, lonely, angry, anxious or any other feeling you think you’re suffering from. Be specific!

2. Next, write down your list of daily habits. 

These are the rituals you do to get you to those feelings.  Be very specific! 
There are many rituals during the day that support you feeling the way you do. 

When you think about them and write them down, you’ll discover them and be self-aware.

Be very thorough from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and are falling asleep. 

Really think about it and be specific! 

Really think about as many habits that you do every day that gets you there. 

List all things you do throughout the day, what you think throughout the day, and your body posture and face expression throughout the day.

Here are some questions that can help you.  Answer the following: 

What do I focus on specifically?  The good or the bad in my life? 

Do I dwell about a sad situation?  Is it one or many?  Write them down.

Do I have negative or positive self talk?  What exactly do I say?

Your Physiology

What do I do with my physiology when I’m depressed? 

Do I cry?

Do I slouch?

Do I frown or look down?  

Am I grumpy?

Your Personal Habits

Do you eat junk food, skip meals, or eat too much? 

Do you spend your day sitting at a desk staring at a computer non-productively? 

Do I sit idle or do I exercise?  How long do I sit idle or exercise?


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