Chai Spice–Infused Oil

The warming, antioxidant-rich chai spices embrace cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, ginger, fennel, and black pepper, at the side of tea. In Ayurvedic traditions, chai spices square measure famous to be calming, vitalizing, and mentally elucidative. prepare for your house to smell extremely, dedicated.

YIELDS: eight ounces

8 ounces jojoba oil
1⁄2 cup loose chai tea
4 tocopherol capsules

What you may need: double saucepan, measure cups, rubber spatula, filter (cheesecloth or tea strainer), dark-colored 8-ounce bottle, funnel.

1. To Make: Begin a double saucepan on medium heat. Once boiling, cut back heat to a simmer. Place the chai spices into the pan. Pour the jojoba oil over the spices, saturating them. Cowl and simmer on low heat for one hour. Check back each twenty minutes more or less to form positive there’s enough water within the double saucepan. Take away from heat, take the highest pot off the double saucepan, and let cool. Strain the tea from the oil into a bottle. Pierce the tocopherol capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the bottle, discarding the gel caps. Place cap on tightly and shake well to mix.

2. To Store: Can sustain to a pair of years if hold on out of direct daylight.

3. To Use: Use as exotic bathtub oil, body, or massage oil.


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