Can I Stop My Own Depression?

The answer is a resounding, yes! Some people may think that depression can only be treated by mental health professionals. 

These professionals have different techniques to help you with depression and I am not dismissing their potential usefulness. 

I certainly do remind you to go to the nearest emergency room if you have any thoughts of suicide or of hurting others. 

That being said, anyone having symptoms of depression can follow the guidance of this book to get out of depression. 

Unfortunately, many people do not find relief in seeing mental health professionals. That of course, does not mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself.  Finding a counselor is like shopping. 

You have to shop around until you find just the right person for you.  You’re a step ahead if you seek a professional to help you, and you can find huge benefits from a counselor. 

That being said, some people rely too heavily on anti-depressants which come too easily available as a fix-all potion, but can have undesirable side-effects and often do not work very well.  

Many people use anti-depressants, and that is very understandable and even admirable. They are trying to find a way to fix their problem and that is an excellent start. 

Sometimes people need anti-depressants to give them a boost until they can figure out a way to fix the issues that cause their depression. 



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