Body Butter Bars

These Body Butter Bars—also referred to as solid lotion or lotion bars—are straightforward and fun to form. They work like typical body butters, however in a very bar type. They soften with the warmth of your skin, therefore all you would like to try and do is rub one over dry skin such as you would a bar of soap; it leaves behind an expensive and beautiful moisturizing layer on your skin. In contrast to lotion, these bars don’t have a water part, so that they don’t want a chemical preservative. They’re nice as a daily moisturizer and for massage. Leave them unscented and that they work wonders for combating stretch marks on pregnant bellies. These Body Butter Bars is prepacked up terribly nicely as gifts or party favors.

YIELDS: seven ounces

2 tablespoons grated beeswax
1⁄4 cup shea butter
1⁄4 cup copra oil (virgin or unscented)
1⁄4 cup almond tree oil
4 E capsules
Essential oil mix
What you may need: double saucepan, measure cups, rubber spatula, push-up tubes

1. To Make: Begin the double saucepan on medium heat. Once it reaches a boil, scale back heat to simmer. Place the beeswax, shea butter, and copra oil within the prime of the double saucepan and canopy. Simmer till molten, stirring sometimes. To preserve the useful botanicals, don’t overheat. Cool 5–10 minutes. Add the almond tree oil. Pierce the E capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the molten oil, discarding the gel caps. Add the volatile oil mix and stir well, scraping any of the hardened cooled mixture off the perimeters and into the molten oils. If the mixture hardens an excessive amount of before you’ll pour it, gently soften it once more within the double saucepan. Pour into the lotion tubes and let stand undisturbed for four hours or long before use.

2. To Store: Label and use inside one year. Store out of direct daylight.

3. To Use: Solid lotion bars can soften on contact along with your heat skin, permitting you to use simply the correct quantity of moisturizer, precisely wherever you would like it. Rub it into your cuticles and also the cracks in your hands, elbows, and feet. Apply to dry skin as required.


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