Benzodiazepines & Tricyclic Antidepressants


These square measure used for brief term treatment of hysteria.

They relax the muscle tension caused by tension and anxiety. They cause different issues associated with dependency (they are addictive).

Their drug names are:

• Clonazepam

• Diazepam

• Alprazolam

• Lorazepam

Tricyclic Antidepressants

These square measure the foremost common anti-depressants.

They’re addictive to the body and after you stop victimisation them could explanation for issues in health whereas the body suits victimisation their own chemicals (hormones).

• Adapin (Generic name Doxepin)

• Anafranil (Generic name Clomiprimine)

• Aventyl (Generic name Nortriptyline)

• Elavil (Generic name Amitriptyline)

• Ludiomil (Generic name Maprotiline)

• Norpramin (Generic name Desipramine)

• Pamelor (Generic name Nortriptyline)

• Sinequan (Generic name Doxepin)

• Surmontil (Generic name Trimipramine)

• Tofranil (Generic name Imipramine)

• Vivactil (Generic name Protriptyline)

While these medication square measure effective, they are doing cause several aspect effects, together with postural hypotension (drop in vital sign on standing), constipation, retention, dry mouth, and fuzzy vision.

As always, contact your doctor if you or your kid is suffering over the same old aspect effects.

Abrupt ending could cause different health problems.


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