Benefits of water soaked almonds

Raw almonds are very good for health, but you need to know that soaked almonds are still more better. You need to consume water soaked almonds every morning to get the amazing benefits from them.

Almonds are one of the best nuts when it comes to health benefits. They are rich in essential minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E, magnesium, omega-e fatty acids and calcium.

It contains phosphorous, zinc, soluble and insoluble fiber. According to nutritionists eating soaked almond is healthier than eating the raw ones.

The main reason behind soaking almonds in water is that it removes brown peel from alnonds that contain tannins and acids which inhibit nutrient absorption.
Once the almonds are soaked the peel comes off easily which allows the almonds to release nutrients.
This process avails more health benefits, it makes them easier to digest.

Reduces cholesterol

Soaked almonds can reduce cholesterol to a great extent. Since they are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids. It contains vitamin E which increases the good cholesterol level in the blood stream.

Improves skin and hair

Almonds are rich in vitamins that help in improving the skin and hair. There is more vitamin E in soaked almonds than traditional raw almonds. This vitamin acts as an anti-oxidant which helps in reducing inflammation which causes damage to both skin and hair.

Improves brain function

According to health experts eating 4 to 6 soaked almonds daily can offer brain tonic, which helps in proper functioning of the central nervous system.
Eating water soaked almonds in the morning will sharpen your memory and improve brain function.

Good for digestion

If you eat water soaked almonds that make them much easier for your bodies to digest, proper digestion will help you obtain those valuable nutrients. This soaking method must be used with most seeds and nuts.

Helps in weight loss

If you want to lose those extra pounds and that stubborn belly fat, include soaked almonds in your diet. Water soaked almonds promote faster weight loss because it contains mono-unsaturated fats. It helps in curbing your appetite and keeps you full.

Maintains heart health

Almonds contain vitamin E which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. At the same time magnesium works to prevent heart attacks.
It contains mono-unsaturated fats, protein, and potassium which prove almonds to be extremely heart healthy.

Controls blood pressure

Soaked almonds help to treat hypertension, they are rich in potassium and low in sodium, which prevents the rapid increase of blood pressure. They also contain folic acid and magnesium which helps in lowering the risk of artery congestion.

Treats constipation

Consuming soaked almonds can help in treating chronic constipation. They are rich in insoluble fibers which help in elevating the amount of roughage in the body and thus help you get rid of chronic constipation.

How to prepare soaked almonds?

Soak a handful of almonds in a half cup of water, cover them and allow them to soak for at least 8 hours.
Drain the water and peel off the brown skin.
Store in a plastic container.
These soaked almonds can be stored up to a week without losing their nutritional potency.


Almonds are one of the best nuts when it comes to health benefits.
Water soaked almonds promote faster weight loss.
Eating water soaked almonds in the morning will sharpen your memory.
It contains phosphorous, zinc, soluble and insoluble fiber which is important for health.
Hence you need to consume 4 to 6 soaked almonds every morning to stay healthy.


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