Baths (Coconut, Lime, and Rose Petals Bath)

The art of the bath is a true luxury. The pace of our modern life demands that we be quick about most everything, but it sure is worthwhile to carve out the time for a bath. Schedule at least an hour and dedicate this time to incorporating at least a couple of beauty treatments into your bath time. Set a lovely scene for yourself as your tub fills. Turn off the phone, light some candles, and let the luxury begin! If your home doesn’t have a bathtub, don’t despair! Invest in a washtub and give yourself a foot bath.

Coconut, Lime, and Rose Petals Bath

This luxurious bath is made from coconut milk, lime slices, and heaps of fresh rose petals for a tropically inspired bath time escape to another world. With soothing, replenishing, anti-inflammatory properties, this bath increases circulation and encourages detoxification while moisturizing the skin. Bathing in lime, roses, and coconut is particularly beneficial for dry skin conditions, including sunburn and eczema. These aromatic and strikingly beautiful fresh ingredients delight your senses while pampering, nourishing, and conditioning for petal-soft skin.

YIELDS: 1 bath

1⁄2 cup fresh rose petals
1 lime
1 cup coconut milk

1.To Make: Remove the petals from the roses directly after cutting from the plant to preserve the highest nutrient value and reserve. Slice the lime into rounds. Draw a bath. When the tub is almost full, add all ingredients to the water and swish around.

2.To Store: Plan to make this bath recipe fresh for each use.

3.To Use: Soak for at least 20 minutes, or longer to enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits of the active botanical ingredients. When you are finished soaking, rinse off in the shower to remove the sweat and toxins you released as you bathed. After a bath is also the perfect time to use a body scrub, as your skin is softened and easily exfoliated. Follow with moisturizer if desired.


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