Empowering Exercise

When you awake, get up right away, put your shoes on and go for a power walk. This is an excellent way to charge your body and truly energize your day. 

The following is adopted by the Tony Robbins method on how to start your day and I’ve used this for a long time with some minor changes.  Feel free to adopt this to your own needs. The important thing is that you get some good cardio exercise.

Remember, the body and mind are connected. Here’s what you do:

1. Start A Brisk Walk And Take Power Breaths.  As you start walking to warm up your body, take in lots of oxygen by breathing in through your nose four times in a row in quick succession, then breathing out four times in a row. 

So for every brisk step you take a breath in through your nose loudly.

Breathe in, in, in, in. 

Then exhale like blowing through your mouth four times: 

Blow, blow, blow, blow.

Repeat the breathing pattern three times for 30 breaths. 

2. List Three Things You Are Grateful For.  For example, you can start with the fresh air hitting your face, and two more. 

Really feel the grateful feelings flowing within you. It’s very important you feel the gratefulness.

3. Then Feel God (Or Your Universal Power) Within You Healing You.  Feel God healing you from the inside. Healing your emotions, your relationships, your body and your spirit. Really feel how God heals you from within.

If you don’t believe in God, feel the forces of the universe converge within you to heal you. 
It’s important you feel healing from the inside out.

4. Next, List Three Major Things You Are Going To Do Today.  Imagine you doing these. 

5. Call Cadence
If you are walking, make sure you are doing a fast enough pace to increase your heart rate. 
Start calling cadence to your walking or jogging in a similar pattern as your breathing. 

Cadences are customary in the military for a reason. 

There’s a power of self-talk in rhythm that energizes your body and your soul. 

Before I even knew about depression I used cadences to help me finish a 26-mile marathon. 

Every marathoner knows that after the first 10 miles, you’re battling your mind rather than your body. 

Cadences are a great way to keep you focused in exercise and you can combine them with any aspect in life.


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